Cafe World - Good Layouts Make More Money

Published: 19th April 2010
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You want your cafe to look attractive. Every player does. And it's certainly fun to spend the time choosing those tables and chairs, windows and doors, and any number of decorations to add atmosphere. You can put a lot of effort into building the cafe of your dreams in Cafe World.

That dream can become a nightmare, though. Many players lose sight of the critical factor in building any cafe: the exact layout. Caught up in the many choices for decor, they don't pay attention to where everything is set up. This is a big mistake.

The way you position those tables and chairs, the counters, even the stoves, affects your ability to make money in Cafe World. Absolutely the first thing to ensure is that customers be able to reach every seat in your cafe. If they can't find a place to sit quickly, they leave.

So when you start putting in the seating, take your time. Examine every placement carefully. Be certain that no table or chair is blocked off by others. Do a mental run-through as the furniture goes in. Imagine people walking in the door. Can they reach all areas easily? If not, rearrange things until they can.

Naturally, that also means you must have enough seating in the cafe for all the customers who walk in. This can be tricky, since you have to balance the seats with the space you have. Crowding the furniture in will make it harder (maybe impossible) for people to get to a seat. Too little furniture will make for fewer customers.

That's not all. Remember, they aren't sitting there just to fill up the seats. They expect to be served their orders in a reasonable amount of time. Which means that your waitstaff has to be able to move quickly and easily around the cafe.

So your layout has to take that into consideration, as well. Don't overlook this aspect; it is vital. If the waiters and waitresses take too long to get from the counters to the tables, people will walk out. Keep that in mind as you expand, too.

However wonderful and expensive your meals, you won't make money unless you have customers. Those customers have to be happy and satisfied, which means being seated and served quickly. This, in turn, will increase your Buzz rating, bringing more people into the cafe. More coins, too.

So before anything else, be sure you make the best layout for your cafe. Once you have that settled, you can work on some of the more fun parts of Cafe World.

Building the best cafe can be easier than you think. Read my Cafe World Domination review and see for yourself.

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